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The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that every child should be evaluated for their orthodontic needs no later than age 7.  South Shore Pediatric Dentistry offers a complimentary consultation with our board certified orthodontist, Dr. Moonyoung Lee for both children and adult orthodontic treatment.  At the time of orthodontic evaluation/consultation, please bring your dental record or child’s dental record with you and any questions or concerns you might have.


Our Orthodontic Services:

• Complimentary Examination/ Consultation for both children and adults

• Early orthodontic treatment for children

• Full braces or orthodontic treatment (metal braces, ceramic braces) for both children and adults

• Retainers and other orthodontic appliances (headgears, palatal expansions)

• Invisalign 

• Temporary anchorage devices (TADs)


To learn more details about orthodontic treatment and other procedures commonly associated with braces, you may click on the links below for your topics of interest.  These Orthodontic patient educational brochures are a courtesy of


1) The right time for an Orthodontic check-up: No later than age 7

2) Your Child’s First Orthodontic Check-up

3) All about Orthodontics

4) Problems to watch for in 7 years olds

5) Problems to watch for in growing children

6) Problems to watch for in adults

7) Adult orthodontics

8) Keeping your smile beautiful

9) Show your smile: what orthodontist can do for you

10) Two-phase orthodontic treatment: the appropriate treatment at the appropriate time

11) Keeping your teeth clean: a “must” during orthodontic treatment

12) Elastics: they’re pulling for you

13) Frenectomies, fiberotomies and gingivoplasties: adjunctive periodontal procedures for successful orthodontic treatment

14) Orthodontic headgear

15) Orthodontic: the career of a lifetime

16) Palatal expansion: making the upper jaw wider

17) Retainers: helping keep everything straight

18) Temporary anchorage devices (TADs) for predictable tooth movement

19) Tobacco use and your orthodontic treatment: a warning about tobacco use during orthodontics

20) Class II non-extraction female case

21) Class II non-extraction male case

22) Impacted maxillary canine case

23) Serial extraction case



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